Super Bowl XLI Review of Nationwide Insurance Ad

There are just so many things about this commercial that I could use to justify disliking it and giving it a bad revue. First, why doesn’t someone tell K-Fed that he’s white? He has no reason to speak in ebonics and dress like a pimp. If he does in fact have any talent, perhaps Rap and Hip Hop just isn’t where it is. Maybe he should try the Top 40 format or even Country amp; Western.

Having said that, if anyone knows how fast life comes at you, it would be Kevin Federline, a.k.a. the soon to be ex-Mr. Brittany Spears, a.k.a. K-Fed. This guy has seen more ups and downs than Paris Hilton at a Motel 6, and at a breakneck pace. (How long have I been saving that one?)

Federline’s ability to have fun with his fall from grace (or Brittany) is indicative of him actually being a fairly decent individual. Honestly, he couldn’t have had to travel too far down before grounding out. He really never was up too far. His decision to participate in Nationwide’s campaign despite of the fact it was spoofing his real life and probable future, shows he’s either as clueless as Jessica Simpson or has simply accepted the inevitable failure he’s destined to live.

As I took great pleasure watching this depiction of K-fed’s riches to rags and diamonds to french fries transformation I did almost forget it was an ad for insurance, which is yet one more reason I should have hated it. Insurance is (in most cases) a huge scam enforced by the government and I am reluctant to support it. But I do have to admit that Nationwide has hit on the one format I enjoy watching. If I had to buy it to satisfy the courts or something, I’d at least give Nationwide a shot at my business.

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